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Tackling new challenges in wheat research as we gear up for the 2018 BGRI conference

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Morocco to meet with wheat colleagues at ICARDA-Morocco.  It was my second trip to Morocco, and some of you may remember my visit in 2014  ( ...

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Maricelis Acevedo · 26 May 2017

Catching up with WIT Early Career Award winner, Kaori Ando

Continuing our series of updates of past Women in Triticum awards, Kaori Ando is a 2013 receipient of the Women in Triticum Early Career Award.

What is your current professional position, title, affiliation, and responsibilities? How long have you been in this position? ...

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Tessa Schneider · 24 May 2017

13th International Wheat Genetics Symposium: A look at cutting-edge wheat research

The 13h International Wheat Genetics Symposium brought together over 500 researchers from around the world to Tulln Austria to highlight the latest developments in wheat genetics. Spread out over five days, the conference featured a diverse set of talks, from the history of wheat cultivation to ...

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John Bakum · 15 May 2017

Why we fly: Revolutionizing wheat phenotyping with drones

CIUDAD OBREGÓN, MEXICO: Ravi Singh compares plots of wheat lines growing in the fields of Obregón to determine which lines have potential as new varieties. Relying on reams of statistical breeding data and an experienced eye, the head of bread wheat improvement at the International Maize and ...

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Cally Arthur · 26 Apr 2017

WIT Profile: Yukiko Naruoka

Catching up with Yukiko Naruoka, WIT winner in 2012.

What is your current professional position, title, affiliation, responsibilities?
I’m currently a Wheat breeder with Syngenta, and have been since July 2016. I develop parental lines for hybrid wheat and test ...

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Tessa Schneider · 25 Apr 2017

New cereal grain breeding course to focus on gender-responsiveness

KAMPALA, UGANDA: Sign up your wheat research team by June 9 to participate in the new Gender-responsive Cereal Grain Breeding course offered by GREAT, in Kampala, Uganda, August 7-16, 2017. There will be a fieldwork component August to December 2017, and follow-up training February 15-19, 2018 ...

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Linda McCandless · 20 Apr 2017


Join the BGRI's #WheatIsScience social media campaign, which we are launching this month in support of the March for Science and Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. We want to raise awareness of the vital role that wheat research, science, and international collaboration play in improving food ...

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Linda McCandless · 18 Apr 2017

Coffman receives the Yaqui Award from CIMMYT

CIUDAD OBREGÓN, MEXICO: Ronnie Coffman has received the Yaqui Award in honor of the major contributions he has made in enabling others to develop better wheat varieties. The international professor of plant breeding and genetics and director of International Programs in CALS was awarded the ...

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Linda McCandless · 18 Apr 2017

An Interview with Sarala Sharma: Wheat rust is a serious threat to Nepal food security

Wheat is one of the major food crops across the world, including Nepal. The fall in wheat production seriously affects the world’s food chain. In recent decades, wheat farmers, especially in the African region, have suffered from many different diseases, including wheat rust.

The 2017 ...

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Maina Dhital (English version) · 29 Mar 2017

2017 WIT Early Career Award Winners

Maricelis Acevedo presented the 2017 Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum (WIT) Award to five promising women in the field of wheat science today at CIMMYT Visitor's Week in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. The Jeanie Borlaug Laube WIT Early Career Award provides professional development opportunities ...

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Tessa Schneider · 22 Mar 2017