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DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 7 - Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

The SAARC course officially ended on 10 March 2012, but the communications crew traveled on to Ludhiana and the Punjab, for 10-12 March, to gather more footage from the heartland of wheat production in India. There we visited Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) where Dr. Bansz, director of the ...

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Linda McCandless · 13 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 6 - DWR, Shimla

The SAARC team traveled by bus up winding sets of switchbacks overlooking deep vistas to our last stop, the DWR Regional Station, Flowerdale, in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), at 7200', for 6-9 March.Established in1921 by Dr. Mehta from England, the station maintains cultures of 126 different rust ...

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Linda McCandless · 12 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 5 - DWR, Karnal

The SAARC team received a warm welcome at the Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR) at Karnal (Haryana) on 4-5 March. Dr. Indu Sharma, project director for the DWR, began the proceedings with a lecture on "Strategies to combat stripe rust in wheat" followed by a lecture on "Wheat Rusts: Diagnosis, ...

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Linda McCandless · 11 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 3 - Niphad

SAARC participants visited the Agricultural Research Station at Niphad, near Nashik (Maharastra) on 28-29 Feb. Dr. P.N Rasal, wheat specialist and zonal coordinator of the station, guided the participants around the station and oriented them on the new improved wheat varieties released in India. ...

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Linda McCandless · 7 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 4 - Banaras Hindu University

SAARC participants traveled to Mumbai and took an early-morning flight to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh for their three-day survey on 1-3 March of wheat grown in the Indo-Gangetic Plain of India. At the Institute of Agricultural Sciences at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), DR. S.S. Vaish, assistant ...

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Linda McCandless · 7 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 2 - Wellington

The SAARC Training Program officially began on 25 February 2012, when participants visited the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) Research Station at Wellington, in Tamil Nadu. Dr. Jagdish Kumar, principal scientist and head of the station, began the day's proceedings with a welcome ...

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Linda McCandless · 6 Jun 2012

DRRW-ICAR SAARC Training Program - Part 1 - Intro

Over the next two weeks, the BGRI will post a series of blogs related to the DRRW-ICAR Wheat Rust Surveillance and Monitoring training program that took place in India from 25 Feb -10 March 2012.

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Linda McCandless · 5 Jun 2012

Guest Author: Eduard Akhunov, investigating genomics of stem rust wheat interaction

USDA AFRI (USA), in close collaboration with the international BGRI team, funded a project on functional genomics of stem rust ­ wheat interaction. In this project lead by Kansas State University (E.Akhunov) in collaboration with UC Davis (J. Dubcovsky) researchers are investigating molecular ...

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John Bakum · 8 May 2012

Bill Gates: My 2012 Annual Letter

Bill Gates - "In this year’s letter, I focus on food and agriculture (though I also provide updates about all the global health and U.S. education work we do). When I was in high school, a popular book called The Population Bomb painted a nightmarish vision of mass starvation on a planet that has ...

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Linda McCandless · 24 Jan 2012

Guest author: Colin Wellings, the international Stripe Rust Race

Stripe rust epidemics are a recurring threat to wheat yield in the majority of wheat growing regions of the world, with potential to inflict regular regional crop losses ranging from 0.1 to 5%, with rare events giving losses of 5 to 25%. Regions with current vulnerability include North America ( ...

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John Bakum · 11 Jan 2012