Title: The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI), founded by the late Dr. N.E. Borlaug, replaces the Global Rust Initiative (GRI) established as an outcome of the May 2005 Expert Panel report (see Recommendation #10) of race Ug99 in Kenya and Ethiopia and the potential for impact in neighboring regions and beyond.

The BGRI has the overarching objective of systematically reducing the world’s vulnerability to stem, yellow, and leaf rusts of wheat and advocating/facilitating the evolution of a sustainable international system to contain the threat of wheat rusts and continue the enhancements in productivity required to withstand future global threats to wheat.
Dr. Norman Borlaug at the 2009 BGRI WorkshopWith the support and advice of Dr. Borlaug and the Rockefeller Foundation,CIMMYT called for what became known as a Global Rust Summit to be held in Nairobi at a time when stem rust would be abundant in the Njoro nurseries. Seventy-eight participants representing 18 countries and numerous donors assembled for a one day session in Nairobi, with a field visit on the following day.

Communication among the founding organizations led to adoption of a Charter for the BGRI (click here to see the Charter). The Charter calls for an Executive Committee, and a general membership comprised of all organizations wishing to participate.

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