Title: The Cereal Rusts, Volumes I and II

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative is pleased to present the digital version of the two volume set, "The Cereal Rusts" edited by William Bushnell and A.P. Roelfs for download.

The Cereal Rusts is a two-volume work designed to consolidate knowledge accumulated on the cereal rusts.

The two volumes will serve the needs of not only cereal rust investigators who have found it increasingly difficult to assimilate the world's cereal rust literature, but also those of plant pathologists, generally as a reference source for teaching, extension, and research. Agronomists and other agriculturalists concerned with cereal crop production or world food supplies will also find these volumes useful.

In Volume I, existing data are reviewed and evaluated, and trends for future research are discussed. The historical, evolutionary, taxonomic, structural, genetic, and physiological characteristics of cereal rust fungi and the diseases they cause in cereal crops are presented.

Volume II is devoted to individual cereal rust diseases and their distribution, epidemiology, and control. The distribution and economic importance of cereal rust diseases on a worldwide basis are also presented.

These volumes are presented with the express permission of Elsevier.

The Cereal Rusts, Volumes 1-2, Bushnell and Roelfs, eds., Copyright Elsevier (1984).

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