• Obregon Mexico, March 2014
  • Photo by Kat Coldren
  • Makida Mohammed, Wheat farmer in Ethiopia

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative:

  • reduces the world’s vulnerability to stem, yellow, and leaf rusts of wheat;
  • facilitates the evolution of sustainable international partnerships to contain the threat of wheat rusts, and
  • enhances world productivity to withstand future threats to wheat.

Rust in the News

  • Global wheat-rust research aids Ethiopian farmers
    SeedQuest · 17 Nov 2014
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  • Researchers isolate stripe rust resistance markers in barley
    Capitalpress.com · 5 Nov 2014
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  • Brasil - Trigo em alerta contra a ferrugem da raça Ug99
    SeedQuest · 13 Oct 2014
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  • Punjab Agricultural University cautions farmers against yellow rust in wheat crop in advance
    The Times Of India · 23 Sep 2014
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  • Wheat gene discovery clears way for non-GMO breeding
    Washington State University · 15 Sep 2014
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  • Searching for resistance in wild wheat
    Brian Steffenson · 23 Oct 2014

    Bread wheat originated from the hybridization of three different wild progenitor species. These progenitors are genetically diverse and have been the source of many economically important genes...+ More

  • Preview of the Workshop on surveillance of race Ug99 in South America
    Tom Fetch · 7 Oct 2014

    Our hope is that the II Workshop on surveillance of race Ug99 in South America and breeding wheat for resistance can bring awareness of the importance of the Ug99 situation to the scientists and...+ More


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